2023 Community Connections Awards

On May 15, 2023 the Friends were honoured to receive the 2023 Community Connections Award: U of A Advocate Award. We are proud of the many volunteers and the countless hours of work over the past 80 years to engage the community with #UAlberta.

As University president Bill Flanagan wrote “The University of Alberta Community Connections Awards honour those who have shared their expertise, time, and energy for the benefit of the public good.” The Friends are proud to be counted amoungst the honourees.

In the top photograph, from left to right using Twitter handles: @ElanMacDonald @AndrewKnack @PGarritty @mighty580AM @BFlanaganUofA
Photo credit: T. Cruz

Cool sculpture; difficult to photograph! Many Friends were in attendance for the lovely ceremony in Edmonton city hall. Our president Ken Regan accepted the award. We also had an opportunity to meet the other recipients and learn of their achievements too.
Community Scholar: Dr. Nathalie Kermoal, Professor, Faculty Of Native Studies and
Community Leader: Dr. Monty Ghosh

More info here: https://www.ualberta.ca/external-relations/projects-initiatives/community-connections-awards/honorees.html

Here’s to another 80 years!

2023 U School Donation

One to the main goals of The Friends is to connect the community to the University of Alberta. U School is a program that contributes to the connection. The Friends are proud to continue their support of U School with this cheque for $10,000.

On April 26, 2023, Friends President Ken Regan, with Allen Snart (on left), presented the big cheque to Chancellor Peggy Garrity, Michaela Mann (USchool Program Lead) and Tyrel Brochu (Exec Officer to the Chancellor, University of Alberta – Senate)
If you would like more information about U School, check it out here: https://www.ualberta.ca/chancellor-and-senate/u-school/index.html

When protective clothing becomes smart and sustainable.

Patricia Dolez

When protective clothing becomes smart and sustainable.

Tue, 28 Mar 2023
5:30 PM Doors Open
6:00-7:30 PM Speaker + Q&A

Arcadia Brewing Co.
10712 120 St NW Edmonton (View on map)

Originally, protective garments were designed and assessed solely based on their protective function. Then, a new paradigm emerged over the last 20 years: a good protective garment should provide the right balance between protection and comfort. However, these two aspects most often conflict each other. New technologies, including nanotechnologies and smart textiles, could provide a second wind to protective clothing and allow them to further improve both their protective function and their comfort. Patricia Dolez will take us through the strange and wonderful world of shear thickening fluids, phase change materials, wearable electronics and textile electrodes, chemichromic compounds, solvent-specific resistive sensors, and high performance fibers.

Patricia Dolez, Associate Professor in the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Science (ALES) at the University of Alberta, is a researcher in materials science with expertise in textiles, polymers, and composites. Patricia’s research interests are in nanotechnologies, smart textiles and textile sustainability with industrial applications in protective clothing, personal protective equipment and other textile and flexible material products.

Raise The Bar is a program designed by The Friends of the University of Alberta to provide engaging learning opportunities delivered by U of A researchers in a causal setting – like a bar. We’re raising the bar on the way people consume content!

2023 Scholarship winners send Thanks

We received multiple cards and letters from students that were awarded one of our scholarships.

Jeanne Suave Undergraduate Scholarship

Friends of the University Graduate Award

Ailsa Heathcote Walker Memorial Prize

And the Faculty of Education for the Scholarship in Elementary Education

The impact of these scholarships can be profound, we are honoured to support them.

As Sean mentions, receiving this support helps the students focus on
their academic and personal development, so they can achieve their educational goals and reach their greatest potential. If you would like to contribute to the funding of any of our scholarships please contact us.