When protective clothing becomes smart and sustainable.

Patricia Dolez

When protective clothing becomes smart and sustainable.

Tue, 28 Mar 2023
5:30 PM Doors Open
6:00-7:30 PM Speaker + Q&A

Arcadia Brewing Co.
10712 120 St NW Edmonton (View on map)

Originally, protective garments were designed and assessed solely based on their protective function. Then, a new paradigm emerged over the last 20 years: a good protective garment should provide the right balance between protection and comfort. However, these two aspects most often conflict each other. New technologies, including nanotechnologies and smart textiles, could provide a second wind to protective clothing and allow them to further improve both their protective function and their comfort. Patricia Dolez will take us through the strange and wonderful world of shear thickening fluids, phase change materials, wearable electronics and textile electrodes, chemichromic compounds, solvent-specific resistive sensors, and high performance fibers.

Patricia Dolez, Associate Professor in the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Science (ALES) at the University of Alberta, is a researcher in materials science with expertise in textiles, polymers, and composites. Patricia’s research interests are in nanotechnologies, smart textiles and textile sustainability with industrial applications in protective clothing, personal protective equipment and other textile and flexible material products.

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