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Raise the Bar

Artificial Intelligence. Is it Alexa and Siri? Or Hal-9000 and Robocop? On September 25th, join the Friends of the University of Alberta for a pint or glass of wine, and find out more about the Fantasy & Reality of Artificial Intelligence from one of North America’s leading researchers in the field.

On Tuesday September 25 at 5:30pm we present our inaugural event at Accent Lounge (8223 -104 St.) Professor Jonathan Schaeffer will speak about artificial intelligence followed by a free flowing and informal Q & A session about AI, its promise and implications.

Tickets are only $10 and include one free drink token. But space is limited so register now. Click here to get your EventBrite tickets.

‘Raise The Bar’ is a program designed by The Friends of the University of Alberta Society to bring fascinating and entertaining educational subject matter to informal gathering places to engage the broader community in post-secondary learning opportunities.

Friends of the University of Alberta Society